Winnipeg Southwest Rapid Transitway

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg Southwest Rapid Transitway

Winnipeg Southwest Rapid Transitway (Stage 2) and Pembina Highway Underpass Project is comprised of significant infrastructure components in the southwest quadrant of the city including:

  • design and construction of Stage 2 of the Southwest Transitway (7.6km)
  • addition of active transportation infrastructure
  • renewal and expansion of the Pembina Underpass
  • connections to the University of Manitoba and Investors Group Field
  • operations and maintenance to include Stage 2 and previously-built Stage 1 (3.6km)

The project will help accommodate anticipated population growth in southwest Winnipeg that is expected to lead to an estimated 40 per cent traffic increase on Pembina Highway by 2030.

The project improvements, which are consistent with the Council-approved Transportation Master Plan (2011), will allow for transportation options (buses, active transportation, cars, and trucks) to operate in a more sustainable and integrated manner.

These benefits will begin upon project completion and last well into the future.

Design features

In addition to the new Transitway and associated stations extending the City of Winnipeg’s rapid transit network out to the University of Manitoba, the project also provides some additional design features including:

  • an extension of the City’s already extensive active transportation path;
  • improved, dedicated pedestrian access to Investors Group Field;
  • and development of significant local art to accentuate the project.


Plenary Roads Winnipeg developed innovations that drove cost savings to the client.

By shortening one of the transitway bridges to reduce the number of spans and required piers, Plenary Roads Winnipeg  saved money, reducing disruption to the commuters and improving safety for the region.

By altering the alignment of the active transportation path to eliminate costly structures, construction time and complexity will be reduced and safety for the passengers will be improved.

On the main transitway, replacing the tunnel with an overpass will simplify the design and construction and will drastically improve safety.

This replacement will also eliminate impacts which have the potential to negatively affect the environment.