Stoney CNG Bus Storage and Transit Facility

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Stoney Transit Facility in Calgary

The project entails the design, build, finance and maintenance of the new facility constructed for the City-operated transit system. 

The new facility, located in the Stoney industrial area in north-east Calgary, provides storage and maintenance space for Calgary Transit’s new fleet of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses as well as diesel buses that are currently stored outside the City’s other bus garages.

The new facility is capable of housing a minimum of 424 buses, 36 maintenance bays, two steam bays and an on-site compressed natural gas fuelling infrastructure.

The facility also supports diesel bus operations, recognizing the transition period needed to introduce CNG buses into Transit’s fleet.


Design features

The facility is one of North America’s largest indoor CNG fueling facilities and houses State-of-art industrial process equipment.

The Storage and Transit facility will be LEED Gold certified and will have a photovoltaic system with sections of ‘green roof’.


The facility will be the first CNG transit bus storage and maintenance garage delivered through a P3 model in North America and the first project brought to market by the City of Calgary using the PPP Canada funding and framework. 

Plenary and the City of Calgary developed a strong working relationship to progress the Project through procurement and into construction.  

With a fleet of 426 buses to be operated from the facility, the City required a very high efficiency fueling system.  Working with PCL, Plenary coordinated the CNG system design using top North American specialists. 

The indoor CNG fueling facility will be largest of its kind in North America.