Pembina Highway Underpass opening

Southwest Transitway stage 2 comes in under budget and ahead of schedule

Published 27 September 2019

MANITOBA, CANADA – The newly-widened and reconstructed Pembina Highway Underpass opened on September 27, as part of the Southwest Transitway (Stage 2) and Pembina Highway Underpass Project, and will improve safety, traffic flow and travel times for motorists.

Initially budgeted at an estimated $580 million, the Southwest Transitway (Stage 2) and Pembina Highway Underpass Project is expected to be completed $46 million under the revised budget of $467.3 million for a revised total of $420.9 million. The substantial cost savings were realized through the refinement of the final design and a competitive P3 bidding process that allowed for project innovations and lower construction costs.

The Pembina Highway Underpass portion of the Southwest Transitway project includes the renewal and expansion of Pembina Highway to three lanes in each direction from Stafford Street to Point Road, new active transportation pathways on both sides, an improved drainage system, a new Transitway over Pembina Highway bridge and the replacement of the existing rail bridge over Pembina Highway.

“The improvements to the Pembina Highway Underpass will greatly improve the flow of both people and goods in this area of the City,” said Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton. “This newly enhanced infrastructure will support Manitobans for many years to come, increasing driver safety and improving travel times.”

“Today’s reopening of the Pembina Highway Underpass at Jubilee Avenue represents a major improvement for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians on one of our busiest regional roads,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “With a third northbound lane added, dedicated pedestrian and cycle corridors on both sides of the underpass, and improved land drainage, these upgrades will keep Winnipeggers moving for many, many years to come.”

Active transportation is also an important part of the Southwest Transitway project. A modern, protected, accessible active transportation path now runs along the full length of the Southwest Transitway, connecting to all intersecting active transportation routes, and will be open to the public in October, 2019.

The Southwest Rapid Transitway (Stage 2) and Pembina Highway Underpass Project is comprised of significant infrastructure components in the southwest quadrant of the city including: the completion of Stage 2 of the Southwest Transitway, the addition of active transportation infrastructure, the renewal and expansion of the Pembina Highway Underpass, and connections to the University of Manitoba and IG Field. The Southwest Transitway is a dedicated, high-speed roadway for buses, physically separated from the regular street system that will complete a high-speed link from Winnipeg’s downtown to the southwest quadrant of the city.

Bus service on the Southwest Rapid Transitway (Stage 2) will begin in spring of 2020 after a period of testing and commissioning which will include operator training, and will coincide with Winnipeg Transit’s spring schedule change.

For more information on the Southwest Rapid Transitway project, please see Winnipeg Transit – Southwest Transitway.

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