VCCC rooftop garden

Parkville’s new rooftop park set to become a new benchmark for Melbourne

Published 04 February 2016

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Project’s gardens and landscaping is nearing completion.

The centrepiece, a rooftop garden on the level seven terrace, is set to become one of the largest public rooftop gardens in Australia. When open mid-this year the 1,455-square metre garden will act as an urban botanical park, complete with more than 100 varieties of native and exotic species.

Landscape architects Rush Wright Associates and VCCC builder Grocon PCL have created eight gardens and terraces across the VCCC Project, all using a diverse range of low-allergenic plants and materials.

Rush Wright Associates Director Michael Wright said a great deal of thought went into planning reliable gardens that can grow and improve with age.

“The gardens required special attention in the design process to ensure they were durable enough to last a maintenance regime that would last more than 30 years,” Michael said.

“The designs adapt to the microclimates of each floor, balancing sun, wind, and shade in each case. Resistance to summer heatwaves and dry periods were key selection criteria in the planting designs.”

All gardens include lightweight soil and low-allergenic trees such as Bottle and Olive trees to ensure these gardens are as diverse and interesting as possible for patients, staff and the public.

Michael said the standout space was the publicly-accessible level seven rooftop.

“This large rooftop garden will establish a new benchmark for roof design in Melbourne.

“Low-allergy soil, plants and trees combine with permanent canopies to offer shelter, as well as excellent views of inner-Melbourne.

“This unique garden will provide a welcome amenity to VCCC staff and patients, as well as interested members of the public, creating a showcase of mixed native and exotic plants, and a new open space for Parkville’s biomedical precinct.”

An adjoining café creates a new social hub on the floor, where staff from all areas will be able to mingle, creating vital, relaxed crossovers between clinical and research practice.

The level seven terrace also includes BBQs for staff and patients and a 14-metre long refectory table that can seat more than 50 people.

The VCCC is due to open mid-2016.

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Corporate Affairs Manager
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