Infrastructure spending boosts tourism

Infrastructure spending boosts tourism

Published 18 December 2015

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: New research shows a direct correlation between tourism spending and infrastructure investments and development projects. 

In an article published in LA’s Daily News, Plenary Concessions Executive Chairman Dale Bonner and Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta have identified the correlation between the boom in new infrastructure and redevelopment projects in LA and their contribution to an increase in tourism dollars, which generates jobs and activity.

The article highlights the relationship between infrastructure spending and the ability to attract tourists, and all the associated economic benefits that come along with a booming tourism sector. 

Projects such as the upgrades to the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport will assist in strengthening the economy and community by driving visitor numbers, helping to fund the modernisation and improvement Los Angeles in years to come.

Read the full Los Angeles Daily News article.

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