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Energy and renewables

Environmentally-sustainable infrastructure is not only responsible investment, it is smart investment.

As well as being socially responsible by reducing carbon emissions, energy-efficient infrastructure saves governments and operators money by reducing total energy and lifecycle costs.

Improving financial returns means renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions are becoming attractive to the commercial and industrial sectors, making them more viable investments.

We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the level of energy usage, cut carbon emissions, increase recycling and reduce waste in our projects.

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Plenary and NuGreen Solutions


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With governments increasingly committing to reducing carbon emissions, cost-effective energy solutions have never been more compelling.

The falling cost of energy-efficient technology compared to the rising prices of traditional, fossil fuel-based energy means energy-efficient and renewable energy-based solutions are becoming more attractive to governments and businesses.

It is for this reason that in 2017 we purchased a majority share of leading energy services provider, NuGreen Solutions.

Established to address the emerging energy and technology-related issues facing organisations, NuGreen audits, finances, delivers and maintains energy solutions for the built environment.

It sources the best energy-efficient technology for its clients, regardless of product type, to meet its energy-efficiency targets.

NuGreen services a range of government, commercial and industrial clients, with particular expertise in the construction, building services and energy sectors, complementing Plenary’s experience in the delivery and management of public infrastructure.

For more information contact:

NuGreen Solutions
Level 43 Rialto South, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC Australia 3000
Telephone 1300 300 025