Disraeli Bridges Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Disraeli Bridges Project has seen the rejuvenation of a critical piece of Winnipeg's transportation infrastructure, linking the north and south of the city, across the Red River.

The project involved upgrades to approximately two kilometers of road including; the Disraeli overpass that spans the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline, the four-lane Disraeli bridge crossing the Red River, and the approach streets. It also included the addition of a separate pedestrian/cycling corridor, the Active Transportation Bridge, across the Red River. This reflects the changing lifestyle of Winnipeggers, many of whom now prefer to bike and walk to work.

As the bridge is a main artery for Winnipeggers to cross the Red River, maintaining traffic flows during construction was a major consideration. Plenary Group and the city of Winnipeg adopted a solution to ensure a minimum of four lanes would remain open to traffic at rush hour, during the entirety of the construction period. This reduced the impact for affected businesses and the travelling public.

The project has ensured the modernization of this critical municipal infrastructure and provides the option of future expansion to six lanes.

Substantial Completion was achieved in October 2012, and the final phase of the Active Transportation Bridge opened in October 2013.