Communications Security Establishment Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Government of Canada is working to safeguard critical infrastructure that is essential to national security. The government decided to modernise its security and intelligence infrastructure by building the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Long-Term Accommodation Project (LTAP) to house Canada's national cryptologic agency. People, culture, technology and an enabling facility all play a significant role in achieving CSEC's mission.

In order to meet CSEC's program requirements, the facility will comprise a mix of general office space, special purpose spaces and a data centre, as well as support infrastructure such as roads and parking at the site.

"The public-private partnership approach has delivered beyond our expectations. We knew that having an environmentally-friendly facility was important to us, but we would not have been able to achieve the innovations we are getting through a traditional procurement approach. What's more, we achieved it all within our budget."

Bob Brûlé, Project Lead -
Communications Security Establishment Canada

Plenary Properties will design, build, maintain and project finance the new 775,000 ft2 facility, as well as providing IT infrastructure. In addition to including provisions for the evolution of the IT infrastructure to ensure CSEC can continue to meet its mandate, the project is also innovative in its use of a public-private partnership model to transfer risk on IT service delivery over the 30 year contract.