Plenary Concessions

Plenary Concessions is the affiliate that holds all of Plenary Group’s project companies across North America. The Plenary Concessions team brings a broad mix of skills, disciplines and experience needed to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Working closely with our consortium partners, our design and construction and asset management professionals ensure efficient delivery and effective long-term stewardship so that all project goals are met and taxpayers receive long-term value.

Dale Bonner

Dale Bonner Executive Chairman, Plenary Concessions



Janice Armstrong

Janice Armstrong Chief Executive Officer, Plenary Properties LTAP


Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor Senior Vice President, Operations and Asset Management


Doug Rolfe

Doug Rolfe Vice President, Project Delivery


Albert Iwasaki

Albert Iwasaki Vice President


Hafeez Habib

Hafeez Habib Vice President, Project Delivery


Joshua Coulter

Joshua Coulter Vice President



Terry Ostrom

Terry Ostrom Senior Vice President, Project Delivery


Neil McCrank

Neil McCrank Senior Vice President, Operations


Christian Guevara

Christian Guevara Vice President, Operations and Asset Management


Dennis Coventon

Dennis Coventon Vice President, Project Delivery


Department Employees

Plenary Concessions, Buildings

Ross Wells, Vice President, Operations & Asset Management
Court Horne, Assistant Vice President, Project Delivery
Jeff Farthing, Assistant Vice President, Operations
Frieder Aldinger, Assistant Vice President
John Bergin, Director, Operations & Asset Management
Ken Frick, Director, Operations & Asset Management
Gord Kelly, Executive Director, Information Technology, CSEC
Jerry Rogers, Executive Director, FM Services & COO, CSEC
Lucie Montreuil, Executive Director, Security, CSEC
Amy Kasnickas, Manager, Operations- Project Delivery
Gillian Schloss, Manager, Operations- Project Delivery
Alexander White, Manager, Operations & Asset Management
Bianca Jones, Manager, Operations & Asset Management
Rehan Khan, Project Manager
Luigi La Corte, Project Coordinator
Janina Mooney, Project Coordinator
Thao Huynh, Project Coordinator
Pamela Saikaly, Project Delivery Assistant
Annie Lessard, Office Manager & Communications Coordinator, CSEC

Plenary Concessions, Civil

Edward Dice, Head of Delivery, PA Bridges
Nate Elliot, Project Engineer
Simon Stachnik, Project Manager
Brad Besyk, Project Manager
Greg Keller, Technican Manager
Greg Stefanyshyn, Site Operations Supervisor
Greg Williams, Maintenance Assistant
Chris Painter,  Maintenance Assistant
Galen Elisha, Field Technician