Barwon Water Biosolids Management Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Following the completion of the design and construction phase, Plenary Environment is now operating this fully enclosed thermal drying facility for treating Barwon Water’s biosolids; a by-product of the treatment of waste water and sewage.

The facility treats Barwon Water’s biosolids to T1 Grade; the highest treatment grade under EPA standards.

The Plenary solution also involves the beneficial use of these treated biosolids. Currently pelletised biosolids are dispatched from the facility to more than 30 broad acre cropping and pasture farms across Central and Western Victoria.

This was one of the first projects to be delivered under the Partnerships Victoria framework for a local water authority.

Extensive consultation processes resulted in community criteria being included in the contract and delivered by Plenary Environment. The outcome was the selection of a thermal drying facility that:

  • is fully-enclosed with zero odour beyond Barwon Water's fence;
  • is no taller than the existing buildings at the Black Rock water reclamation plant;
  • produces the highest treatment grade of biosolids possible;
  • has no visible air emissions; and
  • includes substantial investment in landscaping and aesthetics.

The facility replaces the practice of transporting biosolids 80 km by truck to another facility for drying, reducing the number of heavy trucks on local roads by 1000 truck movements each year.