Acknowledged leaders, strong team ethos

The way in which we approach the provision of public infrastructure dictates the type of people we like to recruit.

The capacity to deliver superior infrastructure requires assembling a team of professionals who address all of the professional elements of the infrastructure equation. Although being the best-in-profession may be a mandatory qualification, our business model and philosophy requires people with additional qualities.

Because we have an integrated approach that relies heavily on consultation, we seek people who are able to cultivate strong and lasting relationships with clients, partners and, of course, the end-users. Engaging in open communication is integral to this process.

Being an independent business, we need people who can think laterally and creatively to solve problems, and to pursue the solutions wherever they may be found. Because we have a long-term commitment, we have to be confident in the solutions we adopt, whether they be architectural, in construction, or in the choice of service and operations models.

Our reputation is always in our own hands, and rests on our capacity to deliver again and again, project after project.

To this end, we welcome competition in the marketplace because it affords us the best opportunity to shine.