Plenary takes a lead role in the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) it undertakes. Ranging from consortium sponsor through to financial arranger, Plenary forges strong and lasting relationships with the public sector authorities it works with to deliver projects.

While PPPs in Australia have been largely undertaken by state governments and authorities, the Commonwealth has found its voice as a partner in the PPP market over recent years. Having directly undertaken three PPP projects, it has now also had a significant role in funding components of two recent PPP projects that Plenary has been involved in.

On the consortium side, PPPs require a shared commitment from within to deliver on-time and on-budget and then ensure ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Because each project is different, Plenary looks to partner with the best available companies from across the infrastructure market so as to best match the consortium skills to the client needs and the project challenges.

These are large, complex and often high-profile projects, and to achieve success takes discipline from across all of the professions and across both the public and private sectors. As reflected in the project details available from this page, it requires a commitment to the team ethos.