The Plenary Approach

The Plenary Approach – Stewardship

We do not regard ourselves simply as owners of assets. We see ourselves as stewards of public infrastructure. Stewardship requires a heightened sense of responsibility and accountability for a project. It demands constant oversight of a project in order to search for improvements, a long-term perspective on the asset as an investment, an active role in managing the facilities, and, finally, an open and accountable relationship with our stakeholders.

Plenary's approach is collaborative, informed, holistic, reliable and bankable.

Collaboration is reflected in the strong partnerships we build between clients, consortium members and project sponsors so that solutions are shared and therefore enduring.

We keep our clients and partners informed by taking an active management role, directly engaging in each step of a project so that each party's perspective is brought to bear, thereby resolving issues before they become problems.

Reliability is part of our DNA. Working on large, highly visible projects requires an unshakeable commitment to delivering on time, on budget and to specification.

Finally, Plenary Group supports projects with committed bankable financial underwritings. We stand behind our projects financially.