Projects Snapshot

Plenary Group's asset portfolio is being built on a platform of active equity and management. Spanning a number of industry sectors, it reflects our overarching business approach of linking our success to the success of our clients.

Project Value $m Asset Type Project Description Financial Close Substantial Completion Country
ADF Single LEAP 1 A$300 Defence 30yr DBFM Dec 1 2006 Apr 2009 Australia
ADF Single LEAP 2 A$900 Defence 33yr DBFM Jun 28 2011 Jul 2012 Australia
AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience A$288 Education 25yr DBFOM May 19 2009 Jul 2012 Australia
Archives of Ontario C$85 Government Accommodation 36.5yr DBFM May 1 2007 Nov 2008 Canada
Barwon Water Biosolids Management A$76 Water 20yr DBFOM Aug 30 2007 Sep 2012 Australia
BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North C$79 Health 32yr DBFM Aug 1 2009 Sep 2012 Canada
Bridgepoint Hospital C$622 Health 33.5yr DBFM Aug 11 2009 Mar 2013 Canada
Casey Hospital Monash Health A$120 Health 25yr DBFM Oct 24 2002 Sep 2004 Australia
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Phase 1C Health 30yr DBFM Mar 31 2017 2020 Canada
Communications Security Establishment Canada C$867 Defence 33.5yr DBFM Jan 31 2011 Aug 2014 Canada
Disraeli Bridges C$195 Transport 32.5yr DBFM Mar 26 2010 Oct 2012 Canada
Gold Coast Light Rail A$1000 Transport 18yr DBFOM May 1 2011 Jun 2014 Australia
High Capacity Metro Trains A$2000 Transport 30yr DBFM Sep 24 2016 2023 Australia
Humber River Hospital C$1750 Health 33.5yr DBFM Sep 23 2011 Jun 2015 Canada
Interior Heart and Surgical Centre C$95 Health 32.75yr DBFM Jun 20 2012 Mar 2015 Canada
Long Beach Civic Center Redevelopment Project US$520 Government Accommodation 40 yr DBFOM Apr 21 2016 Jun 2019 United States
Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital C$1,004 Health 34yr DBFM Oct 21 2016 Sep 2020 Canada
Melbourne Convention Centre A$1400 Tourism 30yr DBFM May 1 2006 Jan 2009 Australia
Melbourne Markets Plenary Group Aug 2015 Australia
Metrolinx East Rail Maintenance Facility C$859 Transport 32.5yr DBFM Mar 31 2015 Dec 2017 Canada
Milton District Hospital C$512 Health 32yr DBFM Mar 31 2015 Jun 2017 Canada
Ministry of Government Services New Data Centre C$352 Government Accommodation 32yr DBFM Mar 31 2008 Mar 2010 Canada
NHS Health Care Complex and Walker Family Cancer Centre C$759 Health 33.5yr DBFM May 31 2009 Nov 2012 Canada
North Bay Regional Health Centre C$551 Health 33yr BFM Mar 31 2007 Jun 2010 Canada
Okanagan Correctional Centre C$192.9 Justice 30yr DBFOM Apr 15 2014 Oct 2016 Canada
Ontario Driver Examination Services +C$200 Transport Transition + 10yr OFM Jun 29 2013 Jun 2013 Canada
Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness C$491 Health 32.5yr DBFM May 27 2014 Oct 2016 Canada
Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project U$1.12b Transport 28yr DBFM Mar 18 2015 Dec 2017 United States
Queensland Schools Project A$550 Education 30yr DBFM Dec 17 2013 Dec 2019 Australia
SH 183 Managed Lanes U$847 Transport 25yr DBOM Oct 31 2014 May 2018 United States
South Australian Police and Courts A$40 Justice 25yr DBFM Jun 1 2005 Nov 2006 Australia
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton C$581 Health 33yr DBFM Dec 3 2010 Dec 2013 Canada
State Street Redevelopment US$72.5 Transport 25yr DBFOM Mar 15 2016 Dec 2018 United States
Stoney CNG Bus Storage and Transit Facility C$174 Transport 32yr DBFM Sep 13 2016 Jan 2019 Canada
Swift Current Long Term Care Centre C$108.5 Health 32yr DBFM Sep 10 2014 Apr 2016 Canada
Sydney Metro Northwest A$3700 Transport 15yr DBFOM Sep 18 2014 2019 Australia
Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse C$247 Justice 33yr DBFM Nov 23 2010 Feb 2014 Canada
Toowoomba Second Range Crossing A$1600 Transport 25yr DBFOM Sep 30 2015 2018 Australia
UC Merced 2020 Project US$1338 Education 39yr DBFM Aug 12 2016 2020 United States
US 36 Express Lanes Project U$200 Transport 50yr DBFOM Feb 26 2014 Jan 2016 United States
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre A$1000 Health 25yr DBFM Dec 14 2011 Jun 2016 Australia
Waterloo Light Rapid Transit C$583 Transport 30yr DBFOM May 10 2014 Sep 2017 Canada
Winnipeg Southwest Rapid Transitway Project C$366 Transport 33yr DBFOM Jun 24 2016 Oct 2019 Canada