Our Vision & Values

Plenary Group's vision – Market Leadership

Our vision is to entrench our authority as the market leader in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). We wish to be recognised for our distinctive approach to managing complex stakeholder interests and groups, coupled with a reputation for financial stewardship that offers outstanding results for our customers, partners, the community and the environment.

Our Values

  • Resilience: We welcome competition and apply ourselves with determination and with an eye to innovation across all levels of our business.
  • Financial integrity: We have the financial expertise and backing to expand our position as a strong financial arranger of PPPs internationally.
  • Fairness: We believe in strong relationships that are sustained by fair and equitable practices.
  • Independence: Our independence as a company gives us the freedom to assemble the right team of experts and the best choice of partners for each project.
  • Sustainability: Environmental, social, community investment and economic outcomes are woven together as part of our goal of long-term sustainability, as is the enthusiastic engagement of our workforce.